Breaking ground on the workshop

July 06, 2020


It’s been years in the making but finally, today, we broke ground on the foundation of the workshop. It doesn’t really look like much but for us it’s a fantastic feeling taking the first step towards actually building something.

First step is to clear all organic soil. We expected this layer to fairly thin but you never really know until you start digging. Lucky for us it was pretty shallow and only a few fairly large rocks needed to be removed.

Here are a few images of the foundation dug out:

Image View of the “hole” from southeast corner of the workshop.

Image A view onto the east side. Again, it’s a pretty shallow dig so far.

Image A closer view of the surface.

Besides starting the foundation, the entrepreneur also did some work on the road up to the workshop as well as clearing a few trees in front of the workshop. The area in front of the workshop is meant to be used for parking cars but should also be accessible with a larger truck when it gets time to clean out the septic tank we’ll be installing in the future.

Image A view towards the north side. There used to be a few trees behind where the excavator is parked which is now cleared. Note the to rather large (but still small) rocks that was dug out from the foundation.

Image A view from the east towards the workshop with the cleared area in the foreground.

Again, it may not look like a lot but it’s a great first. Tomorrow the plan is to get some gravel onto the cleared area and the road up to the house.

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