Getting the driveway ready

July 07, 2020


Today it was time to get the driveway ready. First they levelled the entire driveway, getting rid of any large rocks sticking out too much. After that it was time to get some gravel and cover the driveway with. The end results looks great and we can’t wait to try it this weekend as we weren’t there when the work was done.

Image About half way up with a view of the old cabin. Once built, the east side of workshop will be visible from this point on the driveway.

Image The driveway looking down towards the entrance to our land (about half way up the driveway looking east).

Image Almost at the end of the driveway. The workshop will be built just pat the 2 smaller trees on the left side of this photo.

About 100 tonnes of gravel

It took roughly 10 loads at 10 tonnes of gravel each to cover the driveway and the parking area at the end of the driveway. That’s 100 tonnes of gravel! It’s funny how it doesn’t look like all that much when it’s spread out on the driveway. 1 tonne is the same as 1,000kg or about 2,240lbs. One cubic meter of water is pretty much 1,000kg as reference.

Image Another view of the parking area next to the workshop. The hole for the foundation is seen in this photo to the left.

Image A view from the east towards the workshop with the cleared area in the foreground.

Image View towards the north.

It’s been two eventful days when a lot has happened and we’re really looking forward to seeing this all in person the coming weekend. Judging by the photos it looks great! Thanks, Magnus, if you’re reading this, looks awesome! 👍🏻

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