Clearing a path

August 05, 2020


We’re planning a raised wooden path between the workshop and the house, similar to what you’d find in japanese gardens. Today it was time to clear the path and prepare for some digging.

The plan is to have all pipes and connections between the two houses go underneath the path, including heating, household water (both cold and warm), electricity and data cables. So, we have quite a few pipes that needs to be dug down and gathering them all in one place underneath the raised path makes them easy to find and we’ll avoid and future accidents digging into them.

The distance between the two houses is about 23 meters and we needed to clear a path at least 3 meters wide for the excavator to have enough room to dig. We marked the trees that needed to be taken down with blue ribbon and got to work.

Image The birch trees marked with a blue ribbon are about to be cut down. You can see our small wood shed to the left in this image. Way too small given how much wood we got ready to become firewood.

It was not that hot this day and we manage to cut down the trees in about 2 hours. Most trees were pretty small so they were easy to fell but we still needed to remove all branches as we’re planning on using this as firewood in the future.

Image About 2 hours later the path was cleared.

When you look at trees before cutting them down it doesn’t look like that much but once they’re on the ground and you start counting all the logs it’s usually a lot more than you first thought. We guess we got somewhere between 1 and 2 cubic meters of firewood from “just” cutting down and few small birch trees.

Image We carried all logs and put them on Leca-blocks to make sure the got enough air circulation to not rot away.

All in all this was a good productive few hours that accomplished what we wanted and we got even more firewood. We really need much bigger wood shed 😉

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