Winter is upon us

January 21, 2021


Winter is here for real. While it’s very beautiful outside it does introduce its fair share of issues when you have a cabin without heating and the temperature drops below freezing.

Cabin with no insulation

As there’s no insulation in our small cabin and the timber walls are only about 70mm (about 2.75 inches) thick, it’s pretty much as cold inside the cabin as it’s outside. Luckily the cabin is very small and it only takes about an hour or so to get decent temperature inside.

Image We’ve had below freezing inside the cabin before but -6°C is a record. Yay! 🎉

Image The cabin covered in snow.

All liquids freeze

It’s been below freezing at least for a week now and most liquids that we stored inside the cabin were frozen when we arrived this time. Fortunately we had no issues with liquids freezing up and breaking glass bottles or jars. Outside the cabin we had two 10 liter plastic containers that were completely frozen through. It took some time for them to thaw inside the cabin 😀

Image It was just too cold to use the outside sink at all these days.

Image The slab covered in snow. Not a good time to sand the concrete surface!

During the 2 days we were at the cabin the temperature was around -12°C at its lowest. We do prefer summer but when winter looks like this and not the usual grey overcast sky we’re so used to in southern Sweden, we can’t complain. Even the view from the outhouse was gorgeous.

Image Closing that door won’t keep the cold out.

No reason to complain

It was two great days with super nice winter weather. If we’re lucky we’ll get more snow later this winter but most likely this was it. Today it’s back to grey overcast skies, like we’re used to. Over and out!

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