New scaffolding and new roof

June 21, 2021


As we never managed to get north facing roof covered with the first protective layer, it’s been covered by 3 large tarps until now. With a new scaffolding purchased we got hold of a great contractor who came in a did a great job in just a few hours covering the whole roof up.

Brand new scaffolding

We knew we needed to get a scaffold in place before we could have the contractor come in and fix the roof. We also knew that renting is pretty expensive and started looking for a used scaffold to buy. While there are many for sale none of them really with work for us. The prices were also pretty high and we started looking at buying it brand new instead.

After digging around for a few weeks we pulled the trigger on a Monzon scaffold. Since we got not plans of moving it much we went for the steel version over the lighter (and more expensive) aluminum version. We got the 15x4m version meaning we could cover a whole side of the workshop and work at heights up to 4 meters. It could also be rebuilt and used for the gables with 2 levels.

We thought long and hard before deciding on which width to go for. The scaffold we rented was 120cm wide which was perfect as we could load the roof material onto the scaffolding and still have plenty of space to move around. However, since that part of the work was done and the price of a wider version was quite a bit more expensive we went for the standard 73cm width. In retrospect we’ve had not issues with the scaffold being too narrow, so far…

Monzon had a 3 week deliver but we ended up getting it after 2 weeks. It was sent to the closest DHL terminal so we rented a trailer to get the scaffold back to our property.

Image The scaffold neatly packed ready for pickup.

Image If the scaffold was a few centimeters longer, it would not have fit on the trailer we rented. We got lucky and made it back to our property to spend an hour unloading all the pieces one by one.

A new roof

It’s been a bit worrisome with the roof just being protected by the tarps over the past few weeks. Lucky for us, the winds were never really strong enough to tear the tarps off and we got the new roof in place in time.

Image The brand new scaffold ready for the roof contractor to arrive.

Image Now that’s a pretty sight. Nice to see professionals do their work.

Image The roof with the scaffold moved.

We’ll now sleep a lot better at night knowing the roof is way better protected from any wind or rain. Now we can focus on getting the cladding in place and getting the whole building weather tight.

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